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I collect comic strip memorabilia and Pez dispensers. I love to read, role play, and attempt to scrapbook. I reblog a lot of fandom stuff, fractals, art journal pages and skeleton keys.

Fandoms include Sherlock/Sherlock Holmes and Once Upon a Time. Minor fandoms include White Collar, NCIS, HIMYM and Downton Abbey.

Someone broke into our old house. A window off the deck was splintered in with the screen torn. Whoever broke in put the window back in…backwards. We’ll have to replace that window before next week. We have a buyer and close exactly one week from today.

The back door was unlocked, all the blinds closed, and another window was opened as well. Luckily, we didn’t leave any belongings there, nor did the would-be robbers vandalize the place.

It’s just scary and pathetic how low people are.

I’ve also pulled a muscle in my back. o.<; So I’m hobbling around like an old lady. OTL. Not a good day.

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I have so many plot lines I want to write about but work starts in nine days. Ugh.

— 2 weeks ago
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I just really miss talking with you.

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